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Our lab is committed to open science. We believe everyone benefits when knowledge and resources are openly shared. To support open science, we make all data supporting our manuscripts openly available. Here, we provide a list of our openly available datasets. 


In addition, we welcome collaboration - if you are interested, please reach out.

Open Dataset: Fast rule switching and slow rule updating in a perceptual categorization task

Behavioral data supporting Bouchacourt, Tafazoli, et al, 2022.

Open Dataset: Low-dimensional spatio-temporal dynamics underlie cortex-wide neural activity

Widefield calcium imaging data from MacDowell et al, Current Biology 2020.

Open Code: A Flexible Model of Working Memory

Code for neural network simulations supporting Bouchacourt and Buschman, 2019.

Open Dataset: Error-correcting dynamics in visual working memory

Behavioral data and code to understand the dynamics of working memory, as described in Panichello et al, 2019.

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