Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate who is interested in understanding the brain, developing new approaches to treating mental health diseases, or developing the next generation of machine learning approaches, please email Tim.

Over the years, our lab has trained many undergraduates from Neuroscience, Psychology, Computer Science, Physics, and Molecular Biology. Students have gone on to earn advanced degrees (PhDs, MDs, and MD/PhDs) or have pursued opportunities in related fields at major corporations (Google, Apple, and Facebook).

We also welcome applications for post-baccalaureate research technician positions. Please check the list of job openings below.

Graduate Students

We encourage applications from students who are interested in understanding how the dynamic interactions of neurons gives rise to cognition. Our lab uses a combination of experimental and theoretical techniques, and we accept applications from students with a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from neuroscience and psychology to physics, math, and computer science.

Our lab is associated with two different PhD programs: the Neuroscience graduate program through the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and the Psychology graduate program through the Department of Psychology. Both are excellent programs and allow you to pursue research in our lab. Yet, each program has its own structure and coursework. If you are interested in either program, please read the websites and, if you have any questions, email Tim! Applications are submitted online and are typically due late November.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We welcome applications for postdoctoral fellows, particularly those interested in the neural dynamics of cognitive control. Given the breadth of techniques used in our lab, our postdocs have a wide variety of backgrounds, including human cognitive neuroscience, animal electrophysiology, and theoretical modeling. Specific openings may be listed below, but all interested applicants are encouraged to email Tim a copy of your CV, a brief statement of your research interests, and the names of two individuals willing to provide you a strong recommendation.

Open Positions

Unfortunately, we don't have any funded positions open at this time. However, if you are interested in the lab, please reach out to Tim to discuss options.