Princeton University, Princeton NJ

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Tim Buschman

Assistant Professor

Principal Investigator


Motoaki Uchimura

Post-doctoral Associate

Camden Macdowell

Graduate Student (MD/PhD)

Pavlos Kollias

Graduate Student

Caroline Jahn

Post-doctoral Associate

Sina Tafazoli

Post-doctoral Associate

Matt Panichello

Graduate Student

Britney Morea

Lab Manager

Flora Bouchacourt

Post-doctoral Associate

Alex Libby

Graduate Student

Norbert Cruz-Lebron

Graduate Student


Former Lab Members

Post-doctoral Associate

Currently Professor at University of Montreal

Becket Ebitz

Research Technician

Currently Graduate Student at Yale

Hannah Weinberg-Wolf

Post-doctoral Associate

Currently Post-doc at Stanford University

Nikola Markov

Research Technician

Neeraja Rajagopalan

Research Technician


Grzegorz Nowak

Interested in our Research?

Undergraduate Student

We welcome undergraduate researchers!


We've had many successful undergraduate researchers from Neuroscience, Psychology, Computer Science, Physics, and Molecular Biology.

Graduate Student

We are always looking for graduate students interested in understanding the neural dynamics of cogntion through experiments and theory.


Interested students should apply through the graduate programs in Neuroscience or Psychology.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellows interested in joining the lab should email Tim. Please provide a CV and brief statement of research interests.